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Sprig of Lilac

In my debut collection, I combine grief and poetry to open a raw conversation about becoming a motherless daughter at a young age. Through multiple voices, I broaden the perspective to other forms of the grieving process.​

How to Live Without
Your Mom

This flash fiction details how a young woman navigates daily life after the death of her mother. Between her office job and personal life, she's become numb to feeling. 

May 3, 1971

This poem details a visit to my late mother's hometown and how it compares to stories my mother shared from her past.

She’s Been Told

My first slam poem, "She's Been Told," details the raw truth behind that one breakup that can destroy you but can also make you see your own worth.

Check Yes

"Check Yes" is a short piece detailing the desire to love someone through the small moments.


Thomas A. Hickey Creative Writing Award 2016  |  2nd place Short Fiction for "How to Live Without Your Mom"

Thomas A. Hickey Creative Writing Award 2016  |  2nd place Poetry for "With Ever Returning Mourn"

Thomas A. Hickey Creative Writing Award 2015  |  1st place Short Fiction for "Karaoke"

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