Hey there! I'm Kelsey Bigelow. 

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I'm a Midwestern poet finding catharsis and understanding through words. I do my best to turn incredibly specific emotions and situations into poetry that's digestible and helps others feel seen. My poetry fam is a huge part in helping me create my poetry. That's why I surround myself with monthly slams, open mics, workshops, and writers groups both in person (pre-COVID) and online. I am also a new member of the Iowa Poetry Association.

I released my debut poetry collection, "Sprig of Lilac," in November 2018 as a tribute to my late mother. I've also been published in quite a few places and won a few awards, which you can see on my full publications page.


I've got some education under my belt too. I have a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing with a minor in creative writing and am working towards my Master of Arts in strategic communications.

You can watch me document the life of a poet on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter (@kelkaypoetry), and you can check out my videos on YouTube (Kelsey Bigelow Poetry).